DV filmmaking : from start to finish

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No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. September 23, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I found this book to be highly informative yet very easy understand, the Author, "Ian David Aronson", explains everything in detail but without losing the reader with big techie words. He even provides a DVD with video clips to experiment with, that makes it a little easier not to mention fun too.

A lot of books out there are about the equipment, or they go on about techniques and ways of exploring creative filmmaking but he effectively combined the two. Another thing that bothers me is some books or training DVD's on the market have a really interesting topic but in a format I do not use, for an example Mac or PC another is when the software is not what I'm used to working with, then I'm out of luck. In a nut shell I am happy with this purchase, it is a great book for beginners or professionals, very hands-on and entertainingly useful. August 13, - Published on Amazon.

This book provides great information on everything needed to shoot a film. And it provides some great tips of what to do during shooting to make post production easier and remove all the road bumps.

5-minute video overview of new Final Cut Pro x 10.3 Update

If you want some good tips and information on shooting, this book is for you. It's really for anyone that owns a DV Video Camera. I loved it Log-in or create an account first!

Tutorial 1: Mobile Filmmaking.....1 Min With Me

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Find Antiquarian Books Book Value. Start connecting the dots.. Instead of creating the narration out of thin air, Soundbites help tell you what to write. This technique of finding the best stuff.. Step Four : Your last soundbite.. As you are going thru your footage. Summary Don't try and be a genius and write the script first, base your writing around pre-existing clips. Please click on 5-minute Video below to watch DVworkshops. Best clip-on Lavalier microphones for Corporate, documentary, news, web marketing video productions.

Best wireless microphones for video production. Best Lavalier clip-on microphones for video production.

Correct method of putting on a Lavalier microphone. Microphone Adapters for iphone Video. Filmmaking with the iPhone. When a Television or Corporate video appearance comes knocking, are you or your colleagues ready? Is there a way to deal with a confrontational Interview and win? Get make-up artist if possible.. Try and draw visual images for the viewer. You can contrast and compare. I am not an expert on that You do not need to be an expert on anything outside your area of expertise Hosts will try and get you to comment on other issues I have never studied that Always build the big picture.

I try to start the interview by addressing the big picture to involve even those who are not aware of my subject. Never get angry or upset.. Think about your closing statement, use a visual metaphor to sum it all up.


DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish (OReilly Digital Studio)

O ff with your T-Heads! What is the Headless Horseman edit? Simply put, it involves the elimination of the visual attached to a talking head during most of your film. During the first third of the film, Adrian introduces the characters with on-screen-interviews.

DV Filmmaking: Carol Littleton on ‘The Anniversary Party’

He yells at the guard and get's nowhere. After his tirade, he walks away, and you hear the voice of another main character saying, " Ed needs some lessons in how to win friends and influence others". How do you know who is speaking if you can not see their face? How to compose a basic Interview shot.

Make sure their "Gaze" is into the Negative space. Watch out for reflections in people's glasses ,turn them away from facing the window to solve the problem.

The Background influences the way the person is perceived. When I walk in to shoot an interview, the first thing I do is look for a background that will reveal something about my subject. Build your questions from people's answers. For example, "Can you describe?

DV Filmmaking: Carol Littleton on 'The Anniversary Party' - CineMontage

Shoot tons of Cutaways, and you life will be easier in the editing room. I try and treat 80 percent of my cutaways like still photographs, I will track or pan for 20 percent. Always keep your eyes open for "shots" that evoke something about the truth of the situation, or make you feel.