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Now that word formation makes more sense, we can move onto specific terms and common language used in healthcare.

Essentials of Medical Terminology -Lesson 5

Allied health workers have all manner of different motivations for joining healthcare. Yours will be unique, too. However, there are umbrella terms and departmental definitions that link them all together.

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Here are some examples:. The work of each healthcare department naturally specializes in a different part of the body. To understand general medical records, learning the medical term for each of these is vital. Here are some to get you started:. Descriptions for what is happening to patients in both diagnosis and general conversation are the same across the board. Analgesia: Loss of pain where pain would normally be evident without loss of consciousness. Syndrome: A set of symptoms that indicate towards a certain condition, disease or abnormality.

Over the course of a career, healthcare professionals will specialize in a variety of different areas, and the definitive medical terminology list may change between these. However, one of the most important tools students can arm themselves with is a quick method for learning. Depending on the epileptogenic area in the hemisphere, cortical removal can be total or partial.

So these terms were very helpful and i Learned alot. That is why I want to be a surgeon when I grow up, that and cuz I always liked helping sick people. These make more sense, now that I know the descriptions for what is happening to patients, it is much easier for me to interpret. Thank you, great resources! However the same thought goes through my head, will I achieve my lifelong dream. I would always want to help the people I knew were suffering. For nearly about 10 years I have had this dream.

If you really want to achieve it but no one thinks you can prove them wrong. I have pretty much been in a hospital every year, you could even say I lived there. My mum is always in there, and if you really want to know something.

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It irritates me so much, like you have a patient that is in pain and in need of help why send her away. Your email address will not be published. July 9, at am.

July 21, at pm. Tracy Al-Khtaebeh says:. August 23, at am. Terika says:. May 16, at pm. October 18, at am. Roy sebastian says:.

December 13, at am. Hi says:. December 31, at am. June 5, at am. Vivitha says:. February 3, at pm. This is particularly important for medical translation services because a particular document or text may be aimed at very different readers. Some translations are designed to be read by medical professionals who will understand the terminology used, while others may be aimed at a general audience that includes many people who are not familiar with complex medical terms.

The translator must work with the client to take into account who is reading the translated text and adjust the language accordingly.

The Essentials of Medical Translation Services

Medical translators face the same challenges as any other professional translators when considering adjustments that have to be made for the target culture. However, the importance of localization is particularly important in medical translation. Units must be converted, if necessary, from Imperial to Metric or vice versa.

This is particularly the case if translating to or from a U. Few other countries still use Imperial units and confusion can reign if millilitres have to be mentally converted into fluid ounces or vice versa, or Fahrenheit into Celsius, for example. Cultural nuances are also important when official designations are used. Some cultures have a far higher regard for their medical professional whereas there may be a more relaxed perception of the same medical professional in other cultures.

The savvy medical translator adjusts terms and language used to address these personnel because of their in-depth grounding in the two cultures involved.

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Alison Williams has been involved in writing with the translation industry since and has worked with a number of translation companies. Medtrans — Medical Translation Services is one of them, which focuses on medical translation.

Essentials of Medical Terminology

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For more information on our use of cookies, please review our cookie policy. The Essentials of Medical Translation Services All professional translators should strive for perfection, but the need for accuracy in medical translations transcends almost all other translation categories. The risk of poor health, serious injury, or even death as a result of a poorly translated medical translation is something unique to this field.