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She is the fifth most borrowed author of adult fiction in the UK. Her 75 th novel A Time to Rejoice, 3 in the Rivenshaw series came out in May — in the same week she turned She lives half the year in the UK, half in Australia and produces 3 novels a year. My latest series of novels comes straight from my heart and reflects my own early life. My mother and I lived with my grandparents and aunt in a terraced house in Rochdale, Lancashire. I had to set her right. OK, there were problems and shortages, but the war was over and those involved were coming home.

That made lots of people happy! Anna, aged four, and her mother. She was over the moon to have him back, as he was to be with her. They both lived to 87 and their love never faltered.

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I was in bed asleep and they woke me. As he loomed over the bed, I stuck my tongue out at him. He never forgot that or stopped teasing me about it. Maybe that fostered the internal story-telling that has been with me all my life. The stories set in the imaginary Lancashire town of Rivenshaw focus on people pulling their lives together, clearing up the debris of the home front and building new homes. Over 2 million homes had been destroyed by bombing so finding homes loomed large. Luckily my father was good at getting to know about places to live before others did.

When other people had to stay with their grandparents, my dad had us into first one home then another, each a little better than the one before. My new series reflects this situation. My characters are returning from war and setting up a building company, the men from the Army, one of the women from the Wrens in which my aunt had served , others from work on the home front. Today we welcome the gorgeous and talented Jenn J McLeod to share her story behind the story. Jenn lives the gypsy life in a fifth-wheeler caravan, her days spent writing heart-warming, small town tales: tapestries of friendship, family and contemporary country life.

My first book, House for all Seasons —a four-part story of four women who return to their hometown to spend a season each in an old house—allowed me to dabble and experiment with writing each season. Simmering Season was, as the name implies, a sticky, steamy, stormy season with a small town school reunion turning the heat up. While for the setting in Season of Shadow and Light I immersed myself in a summer flood event in a small country town.

Instead, to complete my Seasons Collection, I decided to give winter a voice and let it shine. While looking for wintery inspiration, I discovered this quote from a celebrated American painter. I prefer winter when you feel the bone structure of the landscape,. Now, about that local newspaper article. In , two brothers were hanging up their last bunch of bananas after seventy years working the slopes of an iconic Coffs Harbour plantation.

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As for how I turned a rock into a book. Hidden amongst the memorials, the mosaics and the marriage proposals was this rock. Transcribed from picture. I stood there, staring at that rock, not knowing anything—except the urge to correct his grammar and add apostrophes! So, I had a Coffs banana plantation idea, a rock on a breakwall in Nambucca, two brothers—one a budding artist. Those early days of a new story for an organic writer like me—when the words flow on to the page—are fabulous. There were moments I cursed myself for attempting such a huge, sprawling story that included multiple character point-of-view and complex, interconnected lives.

There was no other way to approach a story spanning three decades but to use a dual time period structure, rather than over-using flashbacks that frustrate and confuse readers.

So I channeled Kate Morton for some dual time period structure inspiration and started over. A dual time period piece means I am essentially presenting two stories and to be read simultaneously, both with vague often invisible connective concepts in the early stages.

The Night Before (Savannah #1) by Lisa Jackson Audiobook Full 1/2

But first I needed to make sure I kept readers reading. And read it they are. About The Other Side of the Season:. Thirty-five years earlier, Watercolour Cove is a very different place for brothers David and Matthew and the teasing and tantalisingly pretty Tilly from the neighbouring property. When tragedy strikes in the winter of , those who can leave, do, while one stays, trapped on the mountain and haunted by memories and lost dreams.

She has been writing stories since her teenage years but it was not until that her first full length novel was published. Alison has now published seven full length historical romances and a collection of her short stories. Her disposition for writing about soldier heroes may come from her varied career as a lawyer in the military and fire services.

These days when she is not writing she is travelling and routinely drags her long suffering husband around battlefields and castles.


R. Barri Flowers

I have a small glimmer of hope that over the last few years a few more writers are venturing into this hitherto unknown territory and together we are building interest in what, for me, is the most interesting period of English history. Because I love it… it has been my passion for nearly my whole life. It began with my father, who loved history and passed on his passion to me. In the days before television every Sunday afternoon he would read to my brother and me. Even when I was sick in hospital with meningitis, he sat by my bed for hours on end reading Hiawatha.

The series takes the fates of three young men, bound by a friendship born on the battlefield of Worcester 3 September Their only hope is the restoration of a monarchy. From award-winning author Alison Stuart comes a stirring historical trilogy about soldiers, spies, and the strong women that love them.

England In the aftermath of the execution of the King, England totters once more on the brink of civil war. The country will be divided and lives lost as Charles II makes a last bid to regain his throne. Kate Ashley finds her loyalty to the Parliamentary cause tested when she inherits responsibility for the estate of the Royalist Thornton family.

To protect the people she cares about, she will need all her wits to restore its fortunes and fend off the ever-present threat of greedy neighbours. Haunted by the demons of his past, Jonathan risks death at every turn and brings danger to those who love him. But love is fragile in the face of history, and their lives are manipulated by events out of their control. What hope can one soldier and one woman hold in times like these? Connect with Alison at her website , Facebook , Twitter and Goodreads or subscribe to her newsletter for exclusive free reads, contests and more….

To say I was nervous is an understatement, especially when the first panel was broadcast through The Wheeler Centre and people all over the world could watch it — and they did! You all made this nervous author feel comfortable and I loved the conversations we had on our panels. Thank you to all the people who attended the festival and the panels — I loved your questions and enthusiasm for reading. Image by Ballmann-media — Wikimedia Commons. That alone would have made August a super happy month! I am super excited to see this series travel the world! This year was extra special because Luna Tango won favourite contemporary cover of the year.

Woo hoo! They truly are wonderful. The wonderful Angela Ackerman who writes amazing craft books with Becca Puglisi. Their books changed the way I write — in a super positive way! And if you would like to check out the panel I did at the Bendigo Writers Festival, here it is it starts about 34 minutes in. Some of you may remember me as a regular blogger at Novel Adventurers. The three years I blogged with this wonderful group of writers taught me a lot about blogging, friendship, and the importance of never letting go of a dream. So without further ado, click on the video below!

Search for:. His legacy is his prison. Bringing a killer to justice might just be last thing Natalie does… Once a standalone, as were all my stories I sent off Not Forgotten for an assessment and turned to Open Wounds , already in first draft stage and on a whim I decided to make them into a series. Let me know if you agree. More about Lethal in Love: Homicide detective Jayda Thomasz never lets her emotions get in the way of a case. And for day-to-day news, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Three things inspired the writing of this book winter. What if one had different dreams?

Which true crime books did we miss?

What if something went terribly wrong? Brianna A thousand words couldnt explain how strong the Love is that i have for you. You are the Love of my life the one i want to be my wife. Without you i dont know how i would get through.

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  7. Episodes: 18 over two seasons Length: 1 hour or less. S-Town From the same producers as Serial , S-Town quickly became the podcast everyone was talking about.

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    Episodes: 7 Length: 1 hour. Dirty John Debra Newell is a successful interior designer who meets the titular John. Then things start to unravel. Episodes: 6 Length: 1 hour or less. Crimetown Season one explores the dark underbelly of Providence, Rhode Island, where organized crime and corruption once ran rampant. Prepare to be shocked. Season two, focusing on a new city the sleuths of Reddit seem to think Detroit , will be released in fall Episodes: 18, plus 7 bonus episodes Length: 1 hour or less.

    What we know: Sophia Toscan du Plantier was found murdered on the edge of her property in Ireland, just days before Christmas in But things just begin there. Follow along with journalist Sam Bungey and producer Jennifer Forde as they try to solve this brutal mystery. Episodes: 1 Length: Almost 8 hours. The lauded second season takes a different path with the case of Curtis Flowers, a black man who, over the past two decades , has been tried six times for the same crime — and has maintained his innocence throughout. A great dive into the annals of the justice system. Episodes: 17 over two seasons Length: 1 hour or less.

    Fashion writer Christa Worthington was found stabbed to death with her 2-year-old daughter unharmed by her side, and after a three-year search, the entire community was under suspicion. Someone Knows Something David Ridgen follows a different case each season, starting with the mysterious s disappearance of a 5-year-old Ontario boy. Ridgen is incredibly thorough and his sensitive Canadian approach sets Someone Knows Something apart from the pack.

    Worth noting: Season four offers a fascinating, well-reported deep dive into a mail bomb murder. Episodes: 36 over 4 seasons, plus a few short updates Length: 1 hour or less, although a few tip just over an hour. Episodes: 25 with many additional follow-up episodes Length: 1 hour. Episodes: 10 with a few additional follow-up episodes Length: 1 hour.

    Accused Reporter Amber Hunt digs into the murder of year-old Elizabeth Andes, who was found dead in her Ohio apartment in December Season two, just released, focuses on the murder of a prison minister. Prepare for constant chills and plenty of mood.

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    Episodes: 10 Length: 1 hour or less. They kick off each episode with a check-in on the world of true crime and each other, putting you right there on the couch with them and Elvis the cat. Last Podcast on the Left One of the longer running true-crime podcasts, hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski offer in-depth dissections of each crime, frequently calling out their concerns.

    The two-part Casey Anthony series is a great place to start. Episodes: Length: 1 hour or more. Episodes: 75 Length: 1 hour or more. White Wine True Crime! Additionally, the L. What Did You Do? True Crime Garage The pinnacle of best-friend vibes. The premise is delightfully simple: two friends in their garage, drinking beer, talking true crime.

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    Recommended episodes: the Lululemon Murder and the Lauren Spierer case, parts one and two. Serial Killers Just like the name suggests, Serial Killers is about serial killers. Cults Cults devotes two episodes to every cult, ensuring a thorough story each time. Not only do they cover the outfits that you already know about, like the Branch Davidians , but also the lesser known one that will make you question everything you thought you knew. Also, shoutout to some other Parcast titles worth listening to: Female Criminals and Conspiracy Theories. Episodes: 44 Length: 1 hour or less.

    Working in its favor: incredible research and top-notch production.

    The Serial Killer Chronicles

    Episodes: 89 Length: 1 hour or more. Sword and Scale What sets this apart from most of its peers is its inclusion of primary documents like calls, witness evidence, and interrogation tapes, which all help to tell a fuller story. Generation Why Hosts Aaron and Justin deliver fact-filled but approachable discussions of some truly horrific moments throughout history — and they cover more than murder, too, with subjects ranging from Brock Turner to Jeffrey Dahmer to the Scream Murder.

    Highly addictive. True Crime Historian Host Richard O Jones brings long-forgotten cases back into the present, retelling them with an eye toward what makes them important, then and now. Incredibly raw, emotional, and not for the light of heart. Episodes: 22 over 3 seasons Length: Less than 30 minutes.

    What gives this podcast its special sauce is that it tends to focus on contentious cases where guilt or innocence is not so simple to answer.