How Barack Obama is Bankrupting the U.S. Economy (Encounter Broadsides)

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He will also attend a high-dollar fundraiser at the Piedmont, Calif. Delaney and Jordan have hosted fundraisers for Obama before. In June , they hosted a luncheon for Obama, then a U. This month's visit to the Bay Area will be the president's fifth in the past year, and his 11th since taking office. First lady Michelle Obama didn't quite pile on the Obama campaign's calls for Mitt Romney to release more information about his offshore financial holdings, but she did on Tuesday urge voters to examine the records and pasts of candidates.

The first lady won't be deployed as an attack dog for her husband's reelection campaign, but she's a key part of the Obama team's efforts to contrast the president's values with Mitt Romney's. But our leadership does matter," she said Tuesday. Hinting that she shares the values of her audience, Obama said that conversations like the one she was having "are completely therapeutic for me as a mother, as a working mother. Though Obama said she has a stake in the presidential election because she wants to see her husband reelected and wants to continue to serve as first lady, her desire to see the president reelected "has 99 percent to do with my girls and the future I want for them and the world I want to leave for.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that President Obama will use the bully pulpit of the presidency to spur Congress to act on his new tax proposal. Obama has sometimes been criticized for failing to directly negotiate and engage with Republicans — and some Democrats — in Congress.

But Carney said that it was more productive for Obama to make his case to the public. The tax proposal announced Monday seeks to extend the Bush tax cuts only for the middle class and lower income taxpayers. Carney noted that on the payroll tax extension and the student loan interest rate freeze, Obama was successful in forcing Congress to act by going public. Roll Call's Stephen Dennis reports :. But, according to an administration source, no other officials have hit the road in the past five months to help the super PAC drum up the millions needed to counter a fundraising onslaught from those aiding presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Obama reluctantly embraced the super PAC in February, even though he and most Democrats want to outlaw the groups. But even then, the embrace came with a host of caveats that suggested the president remains uncomfortable with the idea. As I wrote in February, there was always a level of awkwardness involved in giving rich donors who sometimes have business interests or a regulatory agenda direct access to cabinet members in exchange for cash.

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Government transparency experts said it essentially returned the campaign finance system to the soft money era — something that was banned by campaign finance reform law. This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy.

Philosophy 1 Medical 1 Media Studies 1 Ethics 1. Roy W.

The economic legacy of Barack Obama

Spencer 1 Roger Scruton 1 Robert L. Trump vs. Khashoggi, Dynasties, and Encounter Broadsides Series Joseph P. Duggan Author How Barack Obama is Obama's Radical The Bad Science and Bad Encounter Broadsides Series Roy W. Spencer Author How Progressive Cities Fight What to Do About the U. How Obama is Transforming Democrats have struggled to find a message about what they would do differently from Trump on the trade front, restrained by the party's history of supporting protectionist policies compounded by a shift among liberal voters in favor of free trade.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, whose trade agenda appears to be as protectionist as that of Trump, echoed the call for stricter negotiating standards, saying her trade negotiations would have labor unions, small farmers, environmentalists and human rights activists at the table.

Even Democratic front-runner Joe Biden, who has attempted to navigate a fine line between going tough on China and supporting global trade, agreed with Warren on Thursday. At the table has to be labor and at the table have to be environmentalists," the former vice president said. The problem is they're violating the WTO.

They're dumping steel on us," Biden said. Details regarding the numbers or timelines would not be discussed "for security reasons," he said. The New York Times reported earlier Thursday that the Pentagon is poised to send nearly troops to northeastern Syria "to conduct ground patrols with Turkish forces.

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On Aug. They also agreed to establish a joint operations center. The U. The YPG is the group's Syrian branch.

Enter the Fray

After news of failed negotiations with the Taliban over a peace deal earlier this week, the Democratic candidates also criticized Trump's handling of Afghanistan and called for the withdrawal of U. A draft accord agreed last week would have seen about 5, American troops withdrawn over coming months in exchange for guarantees that Afghanistan would not be used as a base for militant attacks on the United States or its allies.

Bringing U. Biden - who spent years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and voted to authorize the war in Afghanistan - said the current conditions in the country would not allow for peace. The candidates also briefly touched on Venezuela, where Trump has backed unsuccessful efforts to oust socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro through a U. Trump frequently calls his Democratic opponents socialists and equates them with leaders like Maduro, warning voters that electing one of rivals will make the nation like Venezuela.

Sanders defended his self-described position as a "democratic socialist," saying it is was not like the socialism of Venezuela. When asked why he would not call Maduro a dictator, Sanders instead called him a "violent tyrant. The State Department said in announcing the cash payments under its Rewards for Justice program that it wanted information leading to the identification of three senior Huras al-Din leaders -- Abu Abd al-Karim al-Masri, Faruq al-Suri, and Sami al-Uraydi.

The individuals have been active in al-Qaeda "for years," the department said, and remain loyal to its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Al-Masri is an Egyptian national, and is a former member of Huras al-Din's shura council. Al-Uraydi is a Jordanian national whom the department alleged was involved in plots to attack Israel and the U.

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