Materials and the Environment: Eco-informed Material Choice

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The following data describes the in-plane properties of a typical five-ply. Papyrus, the forerunner of paper, was made from the flower stem of the reed, native to Egypt; it has been known and used for over years. Paper, by contrast, is a Chinese invention AD. It is made from pulped cellulose fibers derived from wood, cotton, or flax.


The following data spans the range of newsprint and Kraft paper. Most are made from polyurethane, although latex natural rubber and most other elastomers can be foamed.

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Open-cell foams can be used as filters, closed-cell foams as flotation Layup and filament winding methods of shaping composites are far too slow and labor intensive to compete with steel pressings for car body panels and other enclosures. This makes a "pre-preg" with leather — or doughlike consistency. When an SMC sheet is pressed between hot dies, it polymerizes, giving a strong, stiff sheet molding.

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Composites are one of the great material developments of the 20th century. It is the matrix material that limits the service temperature and processing conditions. Polyester-glass composites GFRPs are the cheapest and by far the most widely used Carbon fiber reinforced composites CFRPs offer greater stiffness and strength than any other type, but they are considerably more expensive than GFRP see record. Continuous fibers in a polyester or epoxy matrix give the highest performance. Those with the highest stiffness and strength are made with continuous fibers of glass, carbon, or Kevlar an aramid embedded in a thermosetting resin polyester or epoxy.

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    Materials and the Environment: Eco-Informed Material Choice by Michael F. Ashby

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