Microbial Imaging

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Progress and prospects for small-molecule probes of bacterial imaging | Nature Chemical Biology

We rely on them to digest our food and even grow food in the first place , however they are also responsible for some of the greatest decimations of human lives. Imaging techniques provide an unprecedented snapshot of microbial cause and effect, enabling researchers to understand their properties so that they can prevent disease and improve treatments.

The Spectacularly Small World.

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Microbial Imaging, Volume 34

Altogether they allow localizing specifically remnants of organic matter but also individual prokaryotic cells, and investigating their phylogenetic affiliation at the micrometric scale while characterizing concomitantly the nature and the structure of their microhabitats and past interactions i.

In recent years these techniques were increasingly implemented on natural samples and our ability to reveal chemical, mineralogical, genetic and metabolic diversity at the micrometric scale in subsurface environments was one of the main keys to the high-impact studies GAP publication list.

Chapter 06 Microbial Nutrition and Growth - Cowan - Dr. Mark Jolley

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