Murder and the Married Virgin (Michael Shayne, Book 11)

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Revised edition: Heads You Lose. Also published as: The Case of the Walking Corpse. Handi-Books, A Dell reprint combined 1 and 3 in ; a later Dell reprint, , combined 1 and 2. Also published as: In a Deadly Vein.

Mike Shayne Series

Dell, I think I probably own most if not all of them. And given that, go for an earlier one to start with, from the s or before. Perfect — will do. In some cases, it makes a huge difference: e. Name required. His assistant, a lovely blonde named Phyl Knight, was not prominent in most of the episodes.

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In , Michael Shayne having pretty much conquered almost every other medium, moved onto television, with Richard Denning, who had previously starred in Mr. North , stepping into the gumshoes of Shayne. Patricia Donahue played Lucy Hamilton, but was replaced by Margie Regan about halfway through the show's first and only season.

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A few of the shows, however, were actually based on the books or at least named for them , and a number of episodes were penned by William Link and Richard Levinson. Turns out there was one more field to conquer, after all.

The television show proved popular enough to spin off a Dell comic book tie-in. Surprisingly, perhaps, at least some of the comic stories were actually based on Brett Halliday novels, and not merely adaptations of T. You Lose , where Phyllis dies in childbirth. I've always wondered what made Dell choose to go this route. Those early Halliday novels contained material that wasn't normally found in "good" comics -- drugs abounded, adultery was rampant, and the shortages in America during World War II were noted. And having the hero's wife die in childbirth?

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  6. Not your typical comic book fare. Dell made similar decisions with Ed McBain's 87th Precinct comics. Masur, Frank Gruber, Brett Halliday, etc. The first of several collections credited to "Mike Shayne. The Shayne story, "Death Goes to the Post," dates from Adam Lounsbery writes: "I know that a lot of secondary material and even experts in interviews contradict me, but I read the first two Shayne mysteries recently and realized that this movie's plot was clearly taken from the novel The Private Practice of Michael Shayne , and not from Dividend on Death , which is generally credited as the source.

    For instance, the key plot point of switching pistol barrels to fool ballistics, the racetrack setting, and even the racehorse named Banjo Boy are all from Practice , not Dividend.

    A solid B, in all senses of the word. Based on Frederick Nebel's novel which had previously been filmed under its original title by Fox in A fellow P. A surprisingly hard-boiled adaptation, complete with stabbings, shootings and plenty of rock'em sock'em action. Looks like I'm not the only out there with a serious jones for the Man From Miami. John Samony 's site just rocks the web.

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    Bibliography, film, television, comics, radio, it's all here. He's also got the greatest collection of Mike Shayne cover art you've ever seen. Unfortunately, the site is currently inactive, although it's been archived. Check it out, ya lout! Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

    Mike Shayne Series by Brett Halliday

    And thanks for the "Gotcha! Copyright , thrillingdetective. All rights reserved. FILM But no matter who was doing the writing, Michael Shayne proved to be a popular character, not only in print, but in film, radio and even television. The pages in between are reserved for alcoholic refreshment.

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