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Not really. My studio is filled with colour, and I spend lots of time there, so generally I wear either black or white. You need courage, so I teach my students not to be afraid of colour. Do you have a favourite colour? How can I possibly choose? But if I have to, then it would be white. Whose work inspires you?

I love his concepts and the way he treats clothes like architecture or products in such a three-dimensional way. Where do you want to take your work next? In particular, I want to do a Colors building. Visitors to the Living Spaces zone entered a gigantic kaleidoscope, where they were invited to personalize the space by rearranging squares of coloured carpet from Carpet Concept. With more than 1, exhibitors from 61 countries, the trade fair debuted an exhibition layout in which product segments were presented in clusters to give a clarified overview of the market.

To attract the attention of architects and interior designers, Framing Trends — a special area at the heart of Hall 9 — accommodated experimental areas and interactive showcases based on the theme Unique Youniverse. Curated by brand experience agency Schmidhuber, Hall 9 stretched the boundaries of the floor, up the walls and over the ceiling, with a mix of design and art that turned commercial flooring into a multisensory experience.

Divided into four zones, Framing Trends explored the potential of product and service individualization and envisioned how new technologies are taking us into a more widely accessible, customizable and expressive design-suffused experience. In the Living Spaces zone, interior designers teamed up with companies and brands to imagine the future of flooring. Here, a gigantic kaleidoscope immersed visitors in a mirrored space and invited them to rearrange squares of coloured carpet, thus individualizing their surroundings. Like an inhabitable M. Flooring with a marble look and a graphic pattern extended onto one wall.

The pattern is the result of digital printing, which is allowing brands to offer more personalized flooring designs, even in small batches. Nele Ratjen, a student at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, contributed a new type of floor-heating system inspired by reptilian thermoregulation.

Their installation appeared to be an architectural drawing, but window cutouts pierced the drawing to reveal a wall behind. We treated the two in a nonhierarchical way. They both serve as art, and both are made from the same material. Art on the walls makes the walls look light and weightless, whereas art on the floor looks strong and fragile at the same time. The floor can be seen as a landscape.

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The message? There is no limitation in finding new ways to live with art and design. Future Loft — a design by Konstantin Landuris for Classen — featured a sleeping tube with digitally printed flooring that covered the platform inside. Outdoor Alchemy is the pursuit of a smooth relationship between nature and living spaces. In this philosophy, Maestro is the top project: the opportunity to choose between two types of coverage - sliding canvas or adjustable blades - makes it uniquely versatile.

Step inside the great indoors. The label was established in when founder Hamilton Carhartt began manufacturing overalls in duck and denim with the help of two sewing machines and five employees. His firm went on to thrive, producing uniforms, coveralls and other sturdy apparel for the military during both world wars. By then, the label had successfully tapped into the skater and streetwear aesthetic.

In many regards, the interior by Faye Toogood mirrors the merchandise: hardy and unfussy, yet savvy and street smart. The floor, for instance, is made from a concrete aggregate, while geometrically shaped shelving is finished in a tactile canvas. Elsewhere, neatly folded clothes are stored in cage-like cabinets, notable for their black steel grilles.

The adjoining Allpress coffee bar appears almost edible, as if dripping with sticky caramel. Toogood contemporizes her brown-on-brown palette through various material treatments, including a coffee bar seemingly coated in caramel. Developed with a knowledge of what is at the heart of a creative workforce, outstanding projects demonstrate the current trends in office design. B Science and technology are pushing healthcare forward at a fast pace, and spaces devoted to healthcare need to follow suit.

What a load of nonsense. The latest data, however, show that most of you reading these words will not escape illness. They have to determine the needs of the hospital staff — how can a space facilitate optimal performance, accurate diagnostics and quality treatment? The more emotionally supported a patient feels, the quicker their recovery. The team has to contemplate the wants and needs of the individual, and personalization plays an important part in this.

They must also consider cultural conventions and customs. In the Middle East, for instance, the family room is a must. The fact that all these concerns simmer within a pressure cooker of cost-efficiency time is money only adds to the stress. To be successful, design-.

Stuyfzand attended Design Academy Eindhoven, where he learned to make a good product. The starting point was usability. How do patients experience each moment, from intake process and admission to treatment and aftercare? By transforming treatment rooms into engaging environments, designers can reduce anxiety during medical procedures, such as MRI scans. As senior creative director at Philips Design Healthcare, Jos Stuyfzand works on the optimization of hospital environments.

The outcome is a more receptive patient and a less strained consultation. After all, the duration of the time away from.

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A wayfinding design that benefits pedestrian flow is essential. The architects of most new-build hospitals pay attention to the orientation of patient rooms, which should face west. Direct daylight has a positive effect on the wellbeing of physicians and visitors. Experts on hospital design are convinced that people thrive in environments in which light, image, sound and touch merge to form a holistic experience.

Private lounges help surgeons to relax between operations in a reality-like environment that features family photos, livingroom acoustics and artificial daylight.

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Stress reduction also provides a more accurate scan and thus better treatment. Facilitating cooperation among patients, relatives and clinical teams is important. Healing that occurs in such a climate should be supported by service provision and consumer thinking. How can such spaces be designed to stimulate team interaction and collaboration? If it promotes wellbeing, it promotes healing.

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Hospital stays are sure to become shorter now that only the most specialized medical care will take place on the premises. This is laudable, says Stuyfzand. Besides the individual care provided by visiting nurses and recovery centres, organizational options that fast-track recovery include the creation of an online profile and the submission of external laboratory data, such as blood and urine analyses, made at the request of the hospital.

Designers play a key role in this process, because they are quintessential in visualizing data — from patient satisfaction to productivity per square metre — and in translating the information into empathic environments. Design can facilitate spaces that heal. Unlike specialists such as architects, designers have their fingers in every pie.

Twenty-year clinical experience with fixed functional appliances

Empathy comes naturally to the designer, who recognizes what people want and knows how to translate, visualize and explain intangible elements. The strength of design lies in its holistic attitude, but design also plays an important facilitating role in a co-creation process that directly involves caregivers and all key stakeholders in hospital organizations.

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Chances are that. You check in online beforehand, spend a brief time in the waiting room, receive your treatment and walk out the door.

Aftercare happens at home or elsewhere. As a passenger, before leaving home you check in online, select your seat, state your dietary wishes, indicate the number of bags — even request a courier service to pick up your baggage, allowing you to hop on the plane, unencumbered. The patient has uninterrupted access to a care network from home, a neighbourhood medical centre and admission to specialized hospitals.

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