The History of Henry Esmond (Penguin Classics)

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The Tempest The Pelican Shakespeare. A quiet, sober, hard-working youth, Henry is devoted to his foster family. Gentle, sensitive Lady Castlewood is his adored mother figure. Her husband is also kind to Esmond, but he is a hard-drinking man of limited intellect and sometimes crude manners, and this causes his wife a great deal of embarrassment.

Henry remains at Castlewood until his foster-parents send him to Cambridge University , where they intend him to become a clergyman. However, in Henry's last year at the university, the fourth viscount is killed in a duel.

Chapter Six, part 1: The Shaping Influence of the Marketplace

On his deathbed he tells Henry that Thomas Esmond, the third viscount, was in fact his father, and that Henry is not illegitimate at all but the legal heir to the title and estate of Castlewood. Henry, thinking of the pain and disgrace this would cause his foster-mother and cousins, burns the confession and tells no one. Lady Castlewood blames Henry for the viscount's death and forbids him to see any of the family again.

After spending a year in prison for his part in the duel, Henry joins the army and fights in the War of the Spanish Succession. Returning to England, now twenty-three, he becomes reconciled with his foster mother and visits his cousins: Frank now the fifth viscount , an unintelligent but good-natured boy of seventeen, and Beatrix, not yet sixteen but already tall and beautiful.

Frank is determined to join the army as soon as he can; Beatrix is already flirting with several wealthy men, and Lady Castlewood tells Henry that Beatrix is vain and heartless and no man who marries her will be happy.

The History of Henry Esmond, Esq.

Henry, smitten with Beatrix's looks himself, returns to his regiment and fights in the Netherlands and Spain until the end of the first phase of the war in Leaving the army, Henry settles in London to make his fortune as a writer. He meets many of the celebrated English writers of the day, and renews his friendship with Richard Steele, who introduces him to Joseph Addison.

Esmond's play is a flop and he turns to writing political pamphlets and letters supporting his Tory friends and abusing the Duke of Marlborough , against whom he bears a grudge, while favoring John Richmond Webb who was Thackeray's great-great-great-uncle. Esmond represents Addison and Steele as cheerful, civil gentlemen who remain his friends even though they are on opposite sides politically. On the other hand, he draws Jonathan Swift , who was on his own side, as a hateful misanthrope and bully.

Henry and his cousin Frank later join an unsuccessful and unhistorical attempt to restore James Francis Edward Stuart to the British throne. After much intrigue, Henry grows disillusioned with Jacobitism and comes to accept the Whig future of Great Britain. Failing to marry his cousin Beatrix, he instead marries his foster-mother Lady Castlewood.

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The novel closes on the couple's emigration to Virginia in In a private critique of the work, written in a letter to a friend, novelist George Eliot labelled it "the most uncomfortable book you can imagine The Book of Snobs, which originally appeared as a series in Punch, also attacks Victorian society with vicious wit. He also wrote a series of lectures, The English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century , and numerous reviews, articles and sketches, usually in the comic vein.

From to he also edited the Cornhill magazine. Thackeray died suddenly on Christmas Eve, Account Options Entrar. Ver e-Livro.