Transfer of Buddhism Across Central Asian Networks (7th to 13th Centuries)

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The principal themes painted on these panels: several hunting scenes of reindeer and wild yak slaughter of yak by archers arrival of foreign envoys ceremonial banquets taking place in tent encampments amorous scenes a commercial caravan of camels Several other painted panels have subsequently been discovered which I will present here. Their comparison is fruitful.

We will see there is correspondence in terms of the themes illustrated on the panels, notably the hunt of the yak. In addition to the ceremonial banquet, there are scenes of cooking, musicians, dancers and acrobats; in addition to the ritual sacrifice of the yak, there is possible evidence of human sacrifice. Additional literary and cross-cultural references will be explored in this presentation. These painted panels yield concrete documentation of the mobile habitat of the btsan po and his entourage during the sPu rgyal dynasty.

The study of the women and men portrayed on these panels — their activities, weapons, cooking utensils and drinking vessels, costumes, jewelry and face make-up, and the accoutrements of their habitat - yield clues to better understanding of daily life in ancient Tibet while simultaneously relating to rituals and nomad customs prevailing during the 20th century. Hill, John E. The Peoples of the West from the Weilue. Through the Jade Gate to Rome. Hill, Nathan a. The Old Tibetan Chronicle. Chapter I. Hirsch, Eric and Michael O'Hanlon eds a. Hirshberg, Daniel A. Competing Retrospectives on the Imperium.

A Post-incarnate Usurper?

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Buddhist Encounters and Identities Across East Asia | Reading Religion

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Early Buddhist Art in India and Southeast Asia

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Transfer of Buddhism Across Central Asian Networks (7th to 13th Centuries)

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Carmen Meinert, Prof. Dr.

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